INTERFERENCE collective members

Steve Antosca – Artistic Director, composer, Curator-in-Residence for New Music 

                            American University Museum Katzen Center for the Arts Washington, DC 

Lisa Cella – flute, UMBC Baltimore, MD 

Alison Lowell – oboe, Washington, DC 

Bill Kalinkos – clarinet, Missouri 

e. michael richards – clarinet, UMBC Baltimore, MD 

Noah Getz – saxophone, American University Washington, DC 

Ross Karre – percussion, New York City 

Jacob Greenberg – piano, New York City 

Jenny Lin – piano, New York City 

Lina Bahn – violin, University of Southern California Los Angeles 

John Pickford Richards – viola, New York City 

Alexis Descharmes – cello, Paris 

Nancy Jo Snider – cello, Washington, DC 

William Brent – computer musician/composer, Washington, DC 

Jaime Oliver – computer musician/composer, New York City 

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